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Jessie Inchauspé is a French biochemist and New York Times bestselling author of Glucose Revolution and The Glucose Goddess Method.  She is on a mission to translate cutting-edge science into easy tips to help people improve their physical and mental health. Her work centers around the startling discovery about the essential role of blood sugar in every aspect of our lives, and the surprising hacks to optimize it. Jessie is the founder of the wildly popular Instagram account @GlucoseGoddess, where she teaches over two million people about transformative food habits. She holds a BSc in mathematics from King’s College, London, and an MSc in biochemistry from Georgetown University.



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Jessie's STORY

Hi, I'm Jessie Inchauspé. I'm a French biochemist, bestselling author, and founder of the Glucose Goddess movement. 

I broke my back in an accident at 19 years old and then struggled for years with my mental health. That's what motivated me to try to understand what was happening in my body and brain.

After an MSc in biochemistry and working in genetics in Silicon Valley for 5 years, I came across the world of glucose. I first noticed, while wearing a continuous glucose monitor, that the more irregular my glucose levels were, the worse my mental health was. This was an important first clue in understanding how my body worked – even though I don't have diabetes, glucose was impacting me.


So I dove into all the research studies I could find on the topic. And a few things startled me: first, I wasn't alone. The majority of people without diabetes can experience irregular glucose levels – glucose spikes – on a daily basis without knowing it. Second, these spikes could affect us in many ways, from increasing hunger and cravings, to brain fog and mental health, to making us age faster, to contributing to fertility issues.


I started piecing scientific papers together to figure out a way to keep my glucose levels steady without going on an extreme diet. Enter: the glucose hacks! Easy principles that allowed me to still eat everything I loved while reducing my spikes, too.


This felt like the beginning of healing for me. So I started sharing this information with my friends, family, colleagues... and I create the first glucose graphs that you see today throughout my work or on my instagram: visuals to illustrate the scientific studies I was coming across.


Then, I committed to giving my time and energy to this important information and to try to help it reach as many people as possible. Glucose Goddess was born. I quit my genetics job at the end of 2019 and started working full time on making this cutting-edge science accessible. Add to that an incredible team that wanted to contribute to the mission, lots of trial and error, and many, many instagram posts. And here we are, building a big community of people who are changing their health and regaining agency over their bodies and minds. You can check out all of our science here.

Our Mission

At Glucose Goddess, we share cutting-edge science with you so can regain power over your health. It's a safe space where everyone is welcome, and every step is celebrated.

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