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This is a complete guide to veggie starters, one of my most powerful hacks.

So if you’re looking to: 

→ Manage your glucose.

→ Reduce cravings and hunger.

→ Feel amazing. 

Then you're in the right place. Let’s get started.



When I talk about the veggie starter hack, I’m talking about adding a dish at the beginning of your meals. You will eat more than you usually do and flatten your glucose curves in the process. The goal here is to return to how food used to be, before it was processed: wherever there were starches and sugars, there was also fiber. By adding a delicious veggie starter, we’re bringing fiber back.

Veggie starter-salad then pizza.png


The amount of fiber we eat these days is much lower than what we should be eating.

Fiber is in the structural lining of plants—it’s abundant in leaves and we get most of our fiber from beans and vegetables. It's is incredibly important to us: it fuels the good bacteria in our gut, strengthens our microbiome, lowers our cholesterol levels, and makes sure everything runs smoothly. 

Fiber is also good for our glucose levels for several reasons, notably because it creates a viscous mesh in our intestine. The mesh slows down and reduces the absorption of glucose molecules from food across the intestinal lining.

We know that consuming more fiber is beneficial and that eating it before all the other foods is even more so. That’s why adding a veggie starter to each of our meals has a powerful effect on our glucose curves.


The objective is to add additional vegetables as a starter to a meal:


  • To make up about 30% of the meal,

  • The veggies can be raw, cooked, baked, and be dressed with any protein or fat that you like. We eat more and steady our glucose levels at the same time,

  • The veggie starter can be consumed up to 90 minutes before the main meal, and the effects of the protective fiber will remain. It can also be consumed just before the rest of the meal.

And this hack is best used before the meal of the day highest in starches and sugars.


To make our veggie starter tasty and delicious, we can add protein or fat to it, such as:

  • Protein: seeds, nuts, full fat Greek yogurt, feta cheese, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, etc.

  • Fat: olive oil, pesto, coconut yogurt, salad dressing, etc.

Avoid adding starch or sugar to your veggie starter. We want the fiber to be there first, so if you can, keep the starch for the main dish, and the sugar for dessert.

Beware of premade dressings you can buy in grocery stores. They’re often packed with sugar and loaded with vegetable oil—it’s better to make a simple one from scratch.


My recipe for homemade salad dressing is:

  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil

  • 1 tablespoon of vinegar (any kind you like)

  • An optional tablespoon of dijon mustard (if you like the kick)

  • Salt and pepper


I usually make a batch of dressing every Sunday and keep it in the fridge to use all week.

Veggie starter heaven.jpeg
  • What time are the Zoom calls with Jessie?
    They will be on Sundays, morning time PST, late afternoon European time. One at the start of the Method and one halfway through. You will get information on the exact times a week before the Group starts. AND, they will be recorded - so you can access them any time afterwards.
  • What if I don't have Facebook?
    If you don't have Facebook, you will miss out on the daily videos and content on the private Facebook group. But, you will still receive weekly emails, and be able to join or re-watch the Zoom calls with Jessie.
  • Do I need to have The Glucose Goddess Method book to join a Group?
    It's not necessary, although it may be more enjoyable to have the book to refer to and to use. If you don't have the book, we will send you a PDF with what you need in order to complete the Method.
  • What if I miss a group call?
    That's okay, the group calls will be recorded and you will receive the link to them, so you can watch them whenever you want.
  • How does billing work?
    You will pay just the one-time booking fee to book your spot in the Group. That's it!
  • What hacks are in the Glucose Goddess Method?
    In this Method we focus on the most important hacks to start with to steady our glucose levels. 1. Savory breakfast 2. Veggie starter 3. Vinegar 4. Movement
  • Can I do the Method if I'm vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free?
    Yes! I have loads of recipes to fit any dietary preferences in the book. They are clearly marked as vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free.
  • How do I know if this Method is for me?
    Ask yourself these questions to find out if you are experiencing glucose spikes, and if the Glucose Goddess Method can help you. Do you crave sweet foods? Are you “addicted to sugar”? Do you get tired throughout the day? Do you find it difficult to find the energy to do what you’d like to do? Do you need caffeine to keep you going through the day? Do you experience brain fog? Do you get a “food coma” after eating? Do you need to eat every few hours? Do you feel agitated or angry when you are hungry, aka hangry? Do you have extreme hunger pangs during the day? Do you feel shaky, lightheaded or dizzy if meals are delayed? Do you have acne? Do you have eczema? Do you have psoriasis? Do you suffer from inflammation? Do you have endometriosis? Do you have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or miss periods? Do you suffer from difficult premenstrual syndrome or painful periods? If you are female, are you experiencing balding on the head or hair growth on the face? Are you struggling with fertility? Do you have trouble sleeping or wake up with heart palpitations? Do you have energy crashes when you break out in a sweat or get nauseous? Do you experience anxiety? Do you experience depression? Do you experience any other mental health symptoms? Do you often find yourself becoming irritated by your friends and family for no obvious reason? Is your mood variable? Do you frequently get colds? Do you experience acid reflux or gastritis? Have you ever been told that your glucose levels are elevated? Do you have reactive hypoglycemia? Do you have insulin resistance? Do you have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes? Do you have difficulty managing gestational diabetes? Do you have difficulty managing type 1 diabetes? Do you have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease? Do you have heart disease? And lastly (but perhaps most importantly)... Do you think you could feel better than you currently do? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this Method is for you. Welcome!
  • Is this Method a weight loss diet?
    No! The Glucose Goddess Method is not a diet. Its objective is not weight loss. It is not restrictive, it does not ask you to count calories, and even asks you to eat more than usual. It is about health and healing your body from the inside out, and feeling amazing at any body size. But to many people’s surprise, they actually lose fat while doing it, even though they are eating more than usual and not counting calories. That’s because when we flatten our glucose curves, cravings dissipate, hormones rebalance and we are in fat-burning mode more frequently and for longer. Fat loss is a common side effect of steadying our glucose levels.



Here are some more tips and tricks I've used to make this hack as easy as possible:

  • Buy raw veggies that you like. Such as raw baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, or veggies from a jar like asparagus or artichokes, and just munch on these before a meal if you're hungry. This is more like assembling than cooking. I like to add some hummus or guacamole too. If you're cooking, why not eat the raw veggies as you're preparing the meal.

  • Do some batch cooking. I like roasting a large batch of veggies over the weekend and keeping them in the fridge to reheat and serve as a veggie starter before any meal.

  • A little bit is better than nothing. If you can’t make the veggie starter make up 30% of your overall meal, that’s fine – we're here to do things when they're easy. Even a couple of mouthfuls of veggies are better than nothing at all.


I love the veggie starter hack because it tells us to add more food to our meals all while helping keep our glucose steady. It isn't restrictive, and it can make us explore veggies in a fun and original way. The veggies can be prepared any way you like, or simply eaten raw. Adding protein and fat to our veggie starter is a good way of adding taste, especially for kid-friendly starters.

See this hack in action.

Get loads of recipes.

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