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3 tips for maximum efficacy of your Anti-Spike capsules

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1. Plan your day

Take 2 Anti-Spike capsules before the meal of your day highest in carbs or sugars.


Carbs and sugars cause glucose spikes, and they are foods like: rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, oats, pizza, and anything that tastes sweet, from fruit juice to cookies.

Try to plan ahead:


  • Will you have most carbs at breakfast? (Maybe pastries and oat milk latte?)

  • Will you have most carbs at lunch because you're eating at a pasta restaurant?

  • Or maybe you're having cake for a birthday this afternoon?

Anti-Spike will reduce their consequences on your blood sugar by up to 40%! Same carbs, less impact on your health.


And in case of doubt, take Anti-Spike before your dinner. Because dinner time is the moment of the day during which glucose spikes are usually the highest.


2. Don't wait between capsules and food

Take your two Anti-Spike capsules right before your first mouthful.


The closer they are to the meal or snack you're going to eat, the better they will work. (This is different to the way vinegar works, which is best taken 10 minutes before eating).

3. Do this every day to unlock long-term benefits

The molecules in Anti-Spike will:

  • Immediately reduce the glucose spike of your meal, reducing cravings, insulin release, and increasing satiety...

  • When you take them every day, will lead to long-term benefit on your fasting glucose levels, GLP-1 , insulin resistance, gut microbiome, and more. 


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