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Glucose Revolution PRO

Become certified in the science of Glucose Revolution




Online, at your own pace

Are you ready to become a glucose expert?

If you want to deeply understand, use, and share the science of glucose – if you’re ready to get your mind blown and to learn about how your body works… then you’re in the right place. 


Glucose Goddess PRO is the online course for anyone who wants to use Jessie's research, philosophy, and life-changing hacks in their lives or practice.


Become Glucose Revolution certified.

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Way more than what's in the books.

You will:

Learn directly from Jessie how to motivate people and answer tough questions.

Get a massive deep dive into glucose and how to analyze continuous glucose monitor data.

Discover new hacks, and the science behind many symptoms and conditions

Get the certification and official stamp of approval to use Jessie's work in your practice.

Be able to explain these concepts simply to your patients and clients

Meet some of our brilliant students

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"This course was a real upgrade, even if I thought I was completely aware of the Method through Jessie's books. I liked the most the interaction of videos, pdfs and quizzes, that were very tricky and difficult, but obliged to go deeper in the method. I loved also the new hacks and the bonuses."

– Elisabetta Bernardini, first functional medicine certified health coach in Italy by F.M.C.A., & health advocate.

Who teaches

Glucose Revolution PRO?

Glucose Revolution PRO is taught by Jessie Inchauspé, French biochemist and New York Times bestselling author of Glucose Revolution and The Glucose Goddess Method.


She is a "born communicator" (–Dr David Sinclair) on a mission to "lead the space of blood sugar" (– Dr. Mark Hyman).


In her books which sold over 1 million copies worldwide in 40 languages, and on her 3 million+ instagram account @glucosegoddess, she translates cutting-edge science into easy tips.


What you'll learn in Glucose Revolution PRO is based on her years of research and experience. Train with the expert in the space who's built global health impact and will personally guide you to the next level.



Why I created Glucose Revolution PRO

How does Glucose Revolution PRO work?

Videos and PDFs are accessible inside a private, member-only site. All the modules and quizzes are available immediately, you can learn and take the quizzes whenever you are ready.

You’ll get:

8 modules of Glucose Revolution PRO

video training by Jessie

All the content available as soon as you sign up, and forever

400+ pages of curated hand-outs with summaries, diagrams, notes from Jessie, visuals, and core scientific references

Done-for-you bibliography, templates, resources, questionnaires and useful print-outs for your practice


4 bonus glucose hacks in addition to the 10 core hacks

100 pages of bonus content, with recipes and meal plan templates

All the glucose graphs organized and downloadable for you to use

Jessie's keynote presentation with slide-by-slide commentary

Quizzes and your personalized Glucose Revolution Certification 

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Once you're a Glucose Revolution PRO student, the training modules and bonus resources are yours forever. You can revisit them any time.

Is Glucose Revolution PRO right for me?


Dietitians · Doctors · Nutritional Therapy Practitioners Nutritionists · Nurses · Holistic Health Practitioners · Health Coaches · Wellness Coaches

If you resonate with Jessie's philosophy, if your purpose is making the world a better place by helping people live healthier lives, if you want to advise those around you on how to steady their glucose, Glucose Revolution PRO will get you there.

Differentiate yourself with the certification

If you pass all of the quizzes in Glucose Revolution PRO with 100% correct answers, you will receive a custom Certification

Display it publicly to showcase that you're on the cutting edge of glucose science.

"This course gave me such a big leg up it's hard to even find the words."


Choose between two options

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Payment plan



Course contents

Welcome to Glucose Revolution PRO

Chapter 1: Welcome to the course

Chapter 2: Meet your instructor

Chapter 3: How to get the most out of this course

Module 1: The Foundation of the Glucose Approach

Chapter 1: Why we focus on glucose

Chapter 2: The limitations of the glucose approach

Chapter 3: Who should care about their glucose

Module 2: Glucose Molecules and Food Composition

Chapter 1: The creation of glucose

Chapter 2: Glucose, fructose, fiber, starches, sugars

Chapter 3: What happens when we eat

Chapter 4: Carbohydrates vs. sugars

Chapter 5: What if we don't eat carbs

Chapter 6: Why we eat much more glucose than ever before

Module 3: Glucose Spikes

Chapter 1: Fasting glucose levels

Chapter 2: Introducing glucose spikes

Chapter 3: What happens in the body when we spike

Chapter 4: Insulin

Chapter 5: In practice: let’s analyze different glucose spikes

Module 4: Detecting Spikes: the Five Symptom Groups

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Energy, mood, sleep, brain fog, mental health, and alzheimer’s disease

Chapter 3: Cravings, hunger, reactive hypoglycemia, fat cells

Chapter 4: Hormones, fertility, menopause, gestational diabetes

Chapter 5: Diabetes, type 1, type 2, insulin resistance, fatty liver disease

Chapter 6: Skin, wrinkles, aging

Chapter 7: Heart disease and cancer

Module 5: The 10 Core Hacks: Science and In Practice

Chapter 1: Where these hacks come from and how to use them

Chapter 2: Hack 1: Eat foods in the right order

Chapter 3: Hack 2: Veggie starters

Chapter 4: Hack 3: Stop counting calories

Chapter 5: Hack 4: Savoury breakfast

Chapter 6: Hack 5: Have any type of sugar, they’re all the same

Chapter 7: Hack 6: Pick dessert over a sweet snack

Chapter 8: Hack 7: Vinegar

Chapter 9: Hack 8: After you eat, move

Chapter 10: Hack 9: If you have to snack, go savoury

Chapter 11: Hack 10: Put “clothes” on your carbs

Module 6: New Hacks & Individual Differences

Chapter 1: New hack #1

Chapter 2: New hack #2

Chapter 3: New hack #3

Chapter 4: New hack #4

Chapter 5: Individual differences

Module 7: Myths and Hot Topics

Chapter 1: The “natural fruit” myth

Chapter 2: “No added sugars” or 100% natural

Chapter 3: Gluten free, vegan, keto

Chapter 4: “Sweeteners are worse for you than sugar”

Chapter 5: Fasting

Chapter 6: Glycemic index

Chapter 7: Alcohol

Chapter 8: Common challenges to the glucose approach

Module 8: Real World Applications

Chapter 1: Addiction vs pleasure & what to do when a craving hits

Chapter 2: Grocery shopping & reading nutrition labels

Chapter 3: Creating menus and meal plans

Chapter 4: Motivation and difficulties

Bonus Content

  • Jessie's detailed guide to continuous glucose monitors

  • Jessie's actual keynote presentation and commentary

  • 50+ glucose graphs from the database

  • A weekly meal plan and print-out to fill in for your clients

  • 50+ Glucose Goddess recipes with photos

  • The glucose spike symptoms questionnaire

  • One-page summary of the glucose hacks

  • What time are the Zoom calls with Jessie?
    They will be on Sundays, morning time PST, late afternoon European time. One at the start of the Method and one halfway through. You will get information on the exact times a week before the Group starts. AND, they will be recorded - so you can access them any time afterwards.
  • What if I don't have Facebook?
    If you don't have Facebook, you will miss out on the daily videos and content on the private Facebook group. But, you will still receive weekly emails, and be able to join or re-watch the Zoom calls with Jessie.
  • Do I need to have The Glucose Goddess Method book to join a Group?
    It's not necessary, although it may be more enjoyable to have the book to refer to and to use. If you don't have the book, we will send you a PDF with what you need in order to complete the Method.
  • What if I miss a group call?
    That's okay, the group calls will be recorded and you will receive the link to them, so you can watch them whenever you want.
  • How does billing work?
    You will pay just the one-time booking fee to book your spot in the Group. That's it!
  • What hacks are in the Glucose Goddess Method?
    In this Method we focus on the most important hacks to start with to steady our glucose levels. 1. Savory breakfast 2. Veggie starter 3. Vinegar 4. Movement
  • Can I do the Method if I'm vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free?
    Yes! I have loads of recipes to fit any dietary preferences in the book. They are clearly marked as vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free.
  • How do I know if this Method is for me?
    Ask yourself these questions to find out if you are experiencing glucose spikes, and if the Glucose Goddess Method can help you. Do you crave sweet foods? Are you “addicted to sugar”? Do you get tired throughout the day? Do you find it difficult to find the energy to do what you’d like to do? Do you need caffeine to keep you going through the day? Do you experience brain fog? Do you get a “food coma” after eating? Do you need to eat every few hours? Do you feel agitated or angry when you are hungry, aka hangry? Do you have extreme hunger pangs during the day? Do you feel shaky, lightheaded or dizzy if meals are delayed? Do you have acne? Do you have eczema? Do you have psoriasis? Do you suffer from inflammation? Do you have endometriosis? Do you have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or miss periods? Do you suffer from difficult premenstrual syndrome or painful periods? If you are female, are you experiencing balding on the head or hair growth on the face? Are you struggling with fertility? Do you have trouble sleeping or wake up with heart palpitations? Do you have energy crashes when you break out in a sweat or get nauseous? Do you experience anxiety? Do you experience depression? Do you experience any other mental health symptoms? Do you often find yourself becoming irritated by your friends and family for no obvious reason? Is your mood variable? Do you frequently get colds? Do you experience acid reflux or gastritis? Have you ever been told that your glucose levels are elevated? Do you have reactive hypoglycemia? Do you have insulin resistance? Do you have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes? Do you have difficulty managing gestational diabetes? Do you have difficulty managing type 1 diabetes? Do you have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease? Do you have heart disease? And lastly (but perhaps most importantly)... Do you think you could feel better than you currently do? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this Method is for you. Welcome!
  • Is this Method a weight loss diet?
    No! The Glucose Goddess Method is not a diet. Its objective is not weight loss. It is not restrictive, it does not ask you to count calories, and even asks you to eat more than usual. It is about health and healing your body from the inside out, and feeling amazing at any body size. But to many people’s surprise, they actually lose fat while doing it, even though they are eating more than usual and not counting calories. That’s because when we flatten our glucose curves, cravings dissipate, hormones rebalance and we are in fat-burning mode more frequently and for longer. Fat loss is a common side effect of steadying our glucose levels.

You may be wondering...

All of Jessie's research. Now yours.


Be up-to-date on glucose science with 145 must-know scientific papers explained

Get Jessie’s personal take on all topics, honest tips and advice from her years of experience

Learn the components of the philosophy

Analyze glucose 

spikes with confidence and avoid common wrong conclusions

Become an advocate for the democratization of glucose science

Pass the quizzes and earn your Glucose Revolution 

"This course should be a required training
for all dietitians."


What you'll learn

‍Whether you’re just starting out or taking an existing practice to new heights, our step-by-step training gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to fast-track your growth — saving you years of research.

Jessie's scientific, tried-and-tested, million-book-selling glucose approach


Glucose spike fundamentals

How to analyze glucose spike shapes and glucose monitor data

Common pitfalls to avoid

Fructose, fiber, starches, sugars 

The common confusion between carbohydrates and "sugar"

The latest blood tests to measure glucose health

Why fasting glucose is not a good indicator of metabolic health

In-depth look at the HOMA-IR ratio


The 10 core glucose hacks: the science and Jessie’s implementation tips

4 NEW cutting-edge glucose hacks

Individual differences

The truth about sweeteners

How to detect symptoms of spikes

The link between glucose and: cravings, hunger, mood, mental health, skin, fertility, heart disease, hormones, and more....

How to motivate others to make change

What “sugar addiction” means

What to do when a craving hits

How to create menus and meal plans

Grocery shopping and nutrition label deciphering

The latest science on fasting

Gluten-free, vegan, keto labels

The "natural fruit" myth

The relevance of the glycemic index

Common challenges of the glucose approach


A 20-page guide on continuous glucose monitors

145 core scientific papers, summarized and contextualized

Over 50 recipes

Insights into the 4-week Glucose Goddess Method

Jessie’s keynote presentation that she uses when giving talks

Glucose spike symptoms questionnaire 

One-page summary of the glucose hacks

Food classification print-out

Sample grocery list print-out

Over 50 glucose graphs from Glucose Goddess that you can use


Choose between two options

Pay once



Payment plan



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Questions about
Glucose Revolution PRO?

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