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How to track your glucose


I've been working on getting you guys the best and cheapest glucose monitoring experience ever. It's coming soon. Sign up to my emails to be the first to hear when it's out (or keep scrolling if you can't wait)


If you can't wait, here's what you'll need to hack a set-up:

  1. A continuous glucose monitor. The one I use is called the Abbott Freestyle Libre sensor. In most countries you can find it online by just Googling it. It costs anywhere from $30 to $70. In the US, you can't get one without a prescription. The cheapest way to get one is through a 3rd party company (use this link to purchase it). 

  2. My app to track your food and turn your glucose data into the graphs you see on my Instagram. It's free, it's called Glucose Goddess in the Apple app store. If you are on Android, you can also get it by going to​​

Note: If you get your device through the 3rd party company above, it will not work with my app. Which is ok, as their app still allows you to track food, but just so you know.


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